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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT)

COMING SOON at Le Chalet
with our new AirPod Hydroxy Chamber

Our new Hyperbaric and Hydroxy chamber is designed and engineered to support general health and wellbeing based on the benefits of pressurised oxygen.

In a world that is chaotic and demanding, proactive action to offset lifestyle and environmental stressors is essential to rebalance, relax and revitalise. Our Hyperbaric chamber provides an effortless and unique wellness experience that promotes relaxation and stress management.

By providing an increase in oxygen to the cells in a pressurised environment, Le Chalet’s chamber supports the body to increase energy production, improve mind clarity, deepen sleep quality and improve the health and wellbeing baseline.

We are dedicated to supporting healthy lifestyles with innovative and safe products and are passionate about extending our clients health span, not just their lifespan.

Our HBOT is a safe, non-medical wellness therapy that increases oxygen and molecular hydrogen saturation and delivers this under pressure to your muscles, tissues, and peripheral areas to recover, rejuvenate, reset, and relax.

The Hydroxy function of our chamber takes the benefits of oxygen therapy to a new level by adding Hydrogen. It is at the forefront of scientific research and provides an exciting therapy for disease prevention and anti-aging.
Hydrogen is indeed proven to selectively target and scavenge toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), or ‘free radicals’ to prevent disease, degeneration and ageing resulting from body oxidation (rusting).


- Increase energy, stamina, and performance
- Aid in recovery by reducing pain and inflammation
- Help reduce Long Covid symptoms
- Improve alertness & mental acuity
- Improve concentration & memory
- Improve sleep quality
- Enhance learning capacity
- Promote relaxation & stress management
- May help to reduce the risk of lifestyle related chronic conditions
- May help people living with certain chronic conditions
- Assist in recovery from jetlag, fatigue & burnout


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